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  1. Why Colleges Need to Engage Risk
  2. Basics of Risk Management
  3. Bringing ERM to Academic Governance
  4. Scenes from a Campus Tour of Risk
  5. Resources for Campus Risk Management
Why Colleges Need to Engage Risk:

Who expects a small college to take a formal look at risk?
No time for a broad look at risk; I’m busy running a college
Five reasons for the faculty to care (deeply) about risk engagement
Hazards of academic inquiry: Teaching the lessons of risk
The metaphysics of campus risk
Do we lack the will to help each other advance in managing campus risk?
Bricks, mortar, and life of the mind: Risk at the embodied college

Basics of Risk Management:

ABC’s of Risk Planning
How the experts define a “risk”
When campus colleagues ask, “What’s ERM?”
“What if?” Risk scenarios and the imagination of disaster
Don’t be overwhelmed by a laundry list of campus risks
Four super-savvy questions to uncover campus risks
Mending the gaps that put college reputation at risk
Choosing from your inventory of campus risk tools
When to consider saying “no” to a risk
Seven effective tricks for treating a risk
Communicable risk, campus connections
Should college leaders indulge their risk appetite?
Five lessons the Black Swan can teach college leaders about managing risk
Accepting risk: A time for resilience
A classic liberal arts exercise sheds light on campus risks
What about insurance? and other ways to transfer risk
What every college leader should know about fraud, risk, and trust
Don’t ignore risk lessons in close shaves, near misses, and wake-up calls
Making a list of top risks for your college – Are best practices good enough?
Why each campus risk needs an owner, no matter how much we prize collaboration
Knowing where you live: A campus looks for the potential crisis hiding in its landscape
Fix one risk, cause another: The challenge of unintended consequences
How do you control risk after a staff member violates college policy?
Transparent exposure: Are risks magnified if more people know about them?

The least exciting, most hardworking risk-management tool on campus

Data driven in the wrong direction: risks on the road to data analysis

Bringing ERM to Academic Governance:

From ERM to PREP
Campus Risk: What’s the Bottom Line?
Signs of risk in the college’s mission
Why the usual risk categories may be wrong for a college
Campus risk – everyone gets to share
Welcome to Compliance Central, a tool to manage campus risk
As a college leader, answer three questions to test your risk vigilance
The absent cartographer: Who maps risk work onto college governance?
Seven gateways to guard your college from risks
Presenting a new framework: Categories of risk for liberal arts colleges
How a college’s power structure gets in the way of risk communication
Engage your college governing board as a risk-management catalyst
Campus in a bubble: Risks of the insular campus

To reach the goal of well-managed risks, firmly attach risks to governance

Scenes from a Campus Tour of Risk:

Professor Riskmeister . . . Is she prepared for the year to start?
Professor Riskmeister’s tour: Managing risk in the admissions office
Professor Riskmeister’s tour: Managing risk in the finance office
Professor Riskmeister’s tour:A high-altitude view w/the HR& benefits team
Professor Riskmeister’s tour: Diversity as a glorious risk

Resources for Campus Risk Management:

Higher education risk managers to meet in October
Five best resources to learn about the latest campus risk
University risk managers ‘on the rise’ in Phoenix
Use campus teams to set the right altitude for risks
Want a PREP of your own to engage campus risks?
Where will the faculty seek wisdom in the ways of campus risk?
The Prepared College: What’s offered by Eventual Mishap?
New book breathes life into crisis planning with true stories by academic leaders

National report finds “higher education is conflicted” about risk management