The Prepared College

Purposeful risk engagement
at liberal arts colleges


PREP stands for the Purposeful Risk Engagement Project.  PREP aims to provide information for a type of institution that has been slow to think about risk–the 21st-century American liberal arts college. This new blog is a timely resource for executive and director-level administrators who lead small private colleges with a national reputation. You are already wondering:

“What are best practices to identify, classify, prioritize, and address the many types of risk faced by my college?”

If you’d like to understand “risks on campus” in a holistic and purposeful way, the resources of PREP can get you started.

Concepts and content are created by a small team at Grinnell College. Posts will trace the voyage for one academic year as we

  • ♦   identify and prioritize key risks across the areas of a liberal arts college;
  • ♦   develop an action plan with college leaders to monitor and address the key risks;
  • ♦   raise campus awareness and find the most successful ways to communicate about risk, both internally and externally; and
  • ♦   integrate the new protocols for risk identification, monitoring, management, and communication as an essential part of ongoing college governance (planning, budgeting, policy formation, everyday decision-making, and evaluation of outcomes).

While several national organizations provide training and legal updates on specific risks, these rarely discuss risk as intrinsic to the liberal-arts enterprise. Please start following the posts, and contribute your own insights!

Disclaimer:  The information on this website is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute professional advice or recommendations. Users should consult their institution’s own legal counsel or other appropriate institutional officials for advice.