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Five best resources to learn about the latest campus risk

If you need to understand a specific risk on your campus, where can you go for reliable information?

Several leading organizations offer online libraries of in-depth articles.  In many cases they also have webinars and workshops for college staff.

On these sites, you encounter first the layer of resources that can be seen by anyone, and a then deeper resource base available to colleges or individuals with a membership. If you don’t already know, find out now  if your college is a member of United Educators, or Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators (EIIA), and the University Risk Managers and Insurance Association (URMIA).  If so, you can get a password to unlock the full trove of these groups’ online resources.

One more resource I’ve found useful–though it doesn’t focus on education–is Risk Magazine.  You can enter keywords in their “Search the Archives” field to track down articles on your topic.  Risk Magazine is published by  the Risk Management Society (RIMS), which under its Resources tab separately offers executive reports, white papers, and other publications on risk.

The front page of the United Educators site even includes a panel on campus risks that are currently “trending.” Here you can see what other campuses currently struggle with, and ask yourself if these are topics you should be paying attention to.

If you know of great sites that should be added, please extend the list by giving us your reference in the form of a submitted comment.

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